11/10 Fintech meetup|vol.38

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 3 分です。

I attended fintech meetup at Grand South Tokyo Tower, with 180+ attendants. many of them wear suits, it doesn’t look like venture meetup at all.

There are increasing number of big companies, including 3 megabanks, IT developers, settlement service providers, etc etc. Currently the number of support member companies becomes more than 40 from big companies but less than 20 from venture firms.

During the discussion after presentation was quite funny. One of the big consumer group guy raised his hand saying,
“My boss asked our team with 10 people to think something looking like fintech.but we dont know what to do were at a loss. Please tell us what should we discuss first to avoid mistake and failure.”
I laughed but no one laughed other than me. This guy dosent understand what is venture, what is entrepreneurship. 99% guys in the same room belong to him. I remembered the air, atmosphere when I was Mizuho, Japanese bank ;-(